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Statement about the abuse of our paste service

Our paste service was used to spread personal data used for identifying mainly AfD-critical people.

Friday afternoon we were advised about this fact by the JFDA. Shortly after we agreed to shut down the public paste service.

Since mid-2018, we have a Code of Conduct in which we speak out against Doxing, as well as against all forms of group-focused enmity.

We see ourselves as part of the hacker movement and as such stand for a free society and an ethical approach to data in the context of the hacker ethics.

As a result, we are sharply distancing ourselves from these publications. We find it particularly noteworthy in the context of current demands for more powers for the federal “cyber defense”, that we were not made aware of the misuse of our servers by the BSI, but by the JFDA. We are grateful for the work of the JFDA and want to point out that in principle we can be informed about abuse of our services by the mail address “abuse at zom.bi”